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Who Are We?

As they say, one cannot have both sides of the brain dominant. Marketing Momos is a collaboration of 2 minds having one side dominant each.

At Marketing Momos, we believe in creating a balance between technicality and creativity. As much as we believe in logic, we encourage imagination.

We are here to spread the knowledge and also create stability amongst people curious about the ever-evolving Digital Marketing Industry.

Our Services

We are here to help amateurs to understand where to start their digital journey as well as help the experts to evolve with the dynamic market.


We provide pre-recorded courses on different topics to help you learn at your own pace and upgrade your digital marketing skills.


We conduct various workshops for corporates, students, professionals and anybody who is willing to learn and grow in the Digital Industry.


We hand-hold businesses and help them create and execute their marketing strategy. We also teach them the different forms of digital marketing.

Our Story

Marketing Momos was initially supposed to be just an Instagram page that two marketers planned to run with some informative content out of boredom during the Lockdown. While brainstorming about contents we realized that there is so much of information out there that people need to know and learn to sustain in this Pandemic affected world.

As we saw the job markets were highly affected and the scope of growth was as good as the eye in the needle, we decided to take up small workshops to educate people to grow their businesses and personal brands online.

We have now conducted multiple workshops with total 500+ participants giving each one of them personal attention and helping them with their queries and doubts which are nothing but hindrance in the path of their growth.

Bhavesh Bhambri

The Logical Momo

Hoor-Ain Shaikh

The Creative Momo

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