It doesn’t matter if you already have a YouTube channel or you are planning to start one. If you are not able to rank your videos high on YouTube’s search engine, your voice will be lost in the crowd.

YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine with more than 1.3 Billion users. Now if you can’t get a piece of the pie then what’s the worth of your existence?

In this article, I’ll be familiarizing you with 5 actionable YouTube SEO Hacks which will not only allow you to take a piece of the pie but you can take a whole chunk of it!

So, what will you learn from this article?

  1. The Secret to your YouTube Success (ignore this and bid farewell to your YouTube Career)
  2. How to optimize your Title!
  3. How to effectively use tags and Transcription.
  4. What’s best for your ranking?
  5. And a lot more…

But Before starting, Let’s have a clear idea about YouTube.

YouTube was founded by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. They had the vision to make a video sharing site where one can easily find and watch videos from all around the world. They wouldn’t have even expected in their most successful dreams that YouTube would be this big a success. YouTube is now more than $80 Billion. Now that’s a biggie…

Is it worth spending time on?

Seriously? You are crazy if you are even thinking this question in the back of your head. YouTube is totally worth every millisecond you spend building your empire on it.

Now that you know its big – actually huge – and totally worth it, Let’s get started…

#1 Description

Now you will be wondering why have I started with Description and not the Title? Well simply because Description plays the most important role when it comes to YouTube SEO.

The Title can be optimized using keywords and even a noob can do that. Then what makes you different?

Using the targeted keywords properly in your description will give you an edge over your competitors

Below is a great example of Description optimization.

Also, the thing with description optimization is that if the description is optimized correctly with the Title, they even make your YouTube videos rank higher in Google’s search results!

Now that’s Fantastic!!!

So stop being Lazy and optimize your description for better rankings.

#2 Title

Here comes what you all were waiting for, Optimizing the Title of your YouTube Video!

Optimizing the Title is very important if you want to rank high. Simply because you can’t make a video of playing a musical instrument like guitar and name it “Sample video”.

So using targeted keywords is dead important in the Title as well.

Now, when I say using the keywords is important, I don’t mean that you should stuff your Title and description with it. #Beware!

How to Search for Relevant Keywords?

A lot of people will suggest you use tools like Google Keyword Planner, which is not wrong. But if you are a newbie and want to know what people are searching for the most?

Let the search engine come to your rescue. No, I am not actually asking you to search on YouTube or on google. But what I am telling you to do is type in your keyword and wait for a few seconds and let google and YouTube do their magic!

Once you have typed in your primary keyword, both, Google and YouTube will give you suggestions and these suggestions are what I am asking you to look for!

For example: If I Search for the Keywords “how to make a WordPress” Then the suggestions I got from google are:

And for the same keywords, let’s take a look at what YouTube has to offer!

These are not just basic suggestions, but these are the most searched long-tail keywords which google and YouTube recommend you!

So make full use of it!!

#3 Tags

This sounds very simple to some of you… but if you think it’s simple, you are mistaken!!

Tags are basically keywords with which it will be easy for people to find your videos. A lot of YouTubers underestimate the power of tags and end up losing their positions in the ranking. Don’t make the same mistake!!

Tags are basically of three types… You didn’t know this right?

  • Specific Tags: these are just keywords you used in the title of your video. And are mostly of one word only. For example: If the title of my video is “How to make a WordPress website for beginners” then my specific tags would be, WordPress, website, and beginners.

And similarly, if I have my Title as “how to use kindle fire stick?” then my specific tags would be, Kindle and firestick.  I hope this is clear!

  • Compound Tags: Compound tags are tags that include a lot of words. The best example of a compound tag will be copy-pasting your Title. What else you can do is use only the keywords present in the Title and ignore all the small words and conjunctions like and, but, or and so on… and a very easy example of this would be if my Title is “How to make a fidget spinner at home for kids” I would simply use a tag line, “how to fidget spinner at home kids” as simple as that. Ignore all the unimportant terms because YouTube doesn’t care about them at all…
  • Generic Tags: Here comes something important, All eyes on Screen!! Generic tags are tags that cover the whole topic of your videos. These tags can be How to, Vlog, DIY, SEO, and so onn…

Now here’s what most of the people don’t do, using these tags. Yes, a lot of people just ignore these tags and then cry over their poor YouTube ranking.

These tags will be specific to your genre and you can make a group of relevant tags that can be used in all your videos.

Remember: you only get 500 characters for your tags so Choose them wisely!

And finally, Let me give you the fourth and the final tag! Oh, wait did I mention just three tags up there??? Let me give you a little bonus 😉

  • Misspelled Tags: Now most of the YouTubers out there don’t even know about this category of tags. We, humans, are bound to make mistakes and spelling mistakes are the most common ones. So, even if someone makes a blunder calling Google as Googel, if you have used this tag, your video will show up on the list. Amazing, isn’t it?

But again, you only have 500 characters and no matter how huge this may seem, this will get covered by compound tags.


Using a transcription is beneficial in a number of ways:

  1. YouTube SEO: This is by far the major benefit of using transcript Search engines cannot read video files and hence you are not doing any justice by making them do the math! Simply uploading a transcript file helps search engines to rank you not only targeted keywords that are mentioned in the file. But also for other phrases in the file, For example, we have always searched for the lyrics of a song when we don’t remember its name. and even a quote when we forget the Title of a Speech. Here is where Transcription helps!
  2. Clarity: many of the times words which are spoken by the speaker are not clear and for that transcriptions can be used.
  3. Accessibility: when your viewer has a listening disability, transcription gives you an edge over other videos. Also, if your viewer is listening to your video using their mobile devices without earphones, it becomes difficult to hear and hence understand. And again, transcription comes to rescue…
  4. And a lot more…

In short, I just wanna say that USE transcript files!

#5 Click Through rate

I am quite sure that using the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to get yourself a respectable position in YouTube’s search engine. But all of that will come down to ZERO! If no one clicks to watch your video. And all the credit will go to a not so good-looking Thumbnail. There is a saying in Hindi “Jo Dikhta hai wo Bikta hai!!” which simply means that What looks good, Sells well!! So use high-quality images for your thumbnails which will make people curious about your content. And that should do the trick!

#6 Audience retention

Now that you have optimized the Title and description, used relevant tags, uploaded the transcript file and also made a professional-looking high-quality thumbnail. You have connected all the dots and made a new viewer but all the hard work can go wrong if, the content is not up to the mark. Now let’s suppose I searched for your keyword and found a video with an interesting title, good description, and a high-quality thumbnail which makes me want to click and watch your video. But at this stage, if your video is not about the Title you have mentioned or is not that valuable as I was expecting, what will I do? It’s simple ill look for some other video.

And what signal will this send to YouTube? Is that either your video is not about the keywords you have optimized it for Or it is not that good to deserve the First Spot. So, what will it do next?

They will replace your video with some other video with better Audience Retention.

And this happens very often. Because YouTube wants to show people stuff that they want to watch.

So, my humble request to you would be that, please don’t play with search engines. Make good quality content which they would like to watch and share with their peers and also don’t misuse tags and keywords.

And that’s it!!

I hope you liked this article and learned something new from it. If you found this article valuable then please post your feedback in the comments section below and don’t forget to share it with your friends as well.

Also, comment below and let me know what you would like to read or learn next!

Have a Great Day 😊