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What is Digital Marketing?

Traditional definitions says Digital Marketing is a marketing that consumes internet and uses digital technologies to capture audience.

Digital Marketing is evolution of marketing from waiting to get noticed to sliding into your target audience’s day-to-day life. Today, almost everyone is surfing online and so the brands are leveraging this by creating their presence online. Digital Marketing is nothing but the process of creating online presence and leveraging the same to convert potential audience into customers.

Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Blogging, Search Engine Optimization, YouTube Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, Podcast and a lot more are different forms of Digital Marketing.

Why Learn Digital Marketing?

As we know it’s the need of the hour, learning Digital Marketing will help you to have an upper-hand in this Pandemic-affected world.

Some of the reasons why one should learn Digital Marketing are:


Growing Demand for Digital Marketer

Due to Pandemic and all the laws imposed, even the smallest of the brands are trying to come online which has increased the demand for digital marketers in the market.


Promote your own Business

For all the business owners who are sceptical about investing money in an agency or a marketer, learning the skill yourself is the best thing to do. You will always know what is more important for the growth of your business also you will add a feather to your own cap. Learning Digital Marketing will help you to stay ahead of your competitors at all times.


Get Better Pay

To all the candidates out there who are stuck with no growth, learning Digital Marketing will help you be compatible to the growing market and will put you in a position to demand what you deserve.


Ever-Evolving Career

People who are not sure about what next after studies, Digital Marketing is one of the best careers to opt, especially in today’s pandemic affected world. Despite of the economy crash, Digital Marketing is an industry that has rather grown during this Pandemic.


A Job for everyone

You could be creative or technology-driven person, you might love deriving insights or enjoy writing. Digital Marketing has got everyone covered, it’s a wide industry having variety of job roles to fit everyone.

Frankly, the first thing that came to mind when I saw this guy was are you really 24 years old? Because this guy seems to be a mature 45-year-old stuck in a 24-year-old body. The amount of knowledge that he is sharing can easily be priced at 4-5K INR.

Kartik Venkitaraman

Co-Founder, Comic Clan

Bhavesh seems to really know what he is talking about. He gave me some amazing tips on Facebook ads, Facebook Business Page, and other information. Some of what he said I heard before from another Facebook Ads guru, which just proves that he really knows what he is talking about. 

Slava Blazer

Freelance Photographer

Bhavesh is an incredibly genuine professional and knowledgeable social media marketer. He gave me insights that were simple in execution to improve visibility and client conversion. If you’d like to make intelligent marketing decisions, I’d definitely recommend him!

Bianca Peries

Founder, Tough Pickles